Top Takeaways from ELEVATE 2024 Breezeway’s Property Operations Summit

ELEVATE 2024 was our biggest event yet! We had big goals going into ELEVATE 2024, and are thrilled to...

Best Cities for Airbnb Investment 2024

By The Hospitable Team Updated Mar’24 In the past decade, short-term rentals have become a more profitable strategy for most markets...

Elevate your guest experience: 21 Spotify playlist ideas for Touch Stay guidebooks

In the symphony of hospitality, every note counts towards a guest's experience. Touch Stay's digital guidebooks are your conductor's baton, orchestrating a seamless stay for your guests. Now, with...

The fullest list of top AI tools for short-term rentals

If you’re searching for AI tools to implement in your hospitality business, our comprehensive guide has you covered. We’ve examined the AI features available from industry vendors and surveyed...

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